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Liturgical Publications(LPI)/WeShare has purchased Parish Pay, so going forward it will no longer be called Parish Pay.  Everyone who has been giving through Parish Pay will have to go on the new website and verify their account using the link below.  Current donors who are opting to increase their online giving as well as brand new donors will use this same link.  Thank you.

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Thanksgiving Food Baskets

It’s time once again to collect for our Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Please bring in the recommended items based on the first letter of your last name and leave them in the sacristy. Thank you for your generosity!
If you are need of help this Thanksgiving, we will be accepting names for turkey baskets on Tuesday, October 31st at 10 am.

A-B   Dry Milk, Gravy (canned or mixed)

C-D  Coffee, Hot Chocolate

E-F  Canned Pumpkin, Evaporated Milk

G-H  Canned Vegetables, Cranberry Sauce

I-J  Brownie Mix, Frosting

K-L  Potatoes (Fresh – after 11/17 please)

M-Mc  Baked beans, Jelly

N-O   Cereal

P-Q   Canned Fruit, Stuffing

R-S   Dried Potatoes, Stuffing

T-U   Dry Milk, Canned Vegetables

V-W  Nuts, Raisins, Dried Fruit

X-Y-Z  Brownie Mix, Frosting

St. Jude Novena

Friday, October 20                         Fr. Thomas Shea

Saturday, October 21***             Fr. David Joyce     

Sunday, October 22***                Fr. Mark Mengel

Monday, October 23                    Msgr. Christopher Connelly

Tuesday, October 24                   Fr. Mark Glover

Wednesday, October 25             Sr. Betsy Sullivan, SSJ

Thursday, October 26                  Sr. Melinda Pellerin, SSJ

Friday, October 27                         Fr. Ryan Rooney

Saturday, October 28***            Fr. Mark Mengel


Join us weeknights at 5:30p.m.

*** The Novena Prayer will be prayed at all Weekend Masses.


If you are unable to make the entire Novena, please come as many nights as you can.


All intentions remain on the altar throughout the Novena.

100th Anniversary of Fatima

Everyone is invited to the following service marking this special 100th Anniversary by the Holy Name Blue Army:

Saturday, October 14th, 8:15a.m. – 1.) Mass for the 100th Anniversary.  2.) Directly after Mass there will be a film on the Apparition of Fatima, which will run about two hours.  This will take place in the Cry Room.  3.)  The rosary will be said outside of Holy Name Church promptly at 11:45a.m.

Sunday, October 15th, 9:45a.m. – Mass in Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Fatima