Annual Memorial Mass

The Holy Name Annual Memorial Mass will take place on Monday, November 4th at 5:30p.m.  All are welcome, but in particular, if you have lost loved ones within the past 12 months, we encourage you to attend.

 We remember those who have died:

Bernard Pelletier

Mary Aveyard

Daniel Murray

Carmela Basile

Edmund Domagala

Robert Garbarino, Jr.

Catherine Scavone

Barbara Ann Stevens

Dorothy Grover

Jean Callahan

Robert Walas

Mary Dubuc

Margaret Morgan

Robert Ryan, Jr.

Joyce Mycofsky

Lucile Lessard

Irene Welch

Geraldine Pate

Celine Roberts

Ovilla Denault, Jr.

Iluminada Figueroa-Merced

Ronald Golon

Ann Gosselin

Eleanor Guerri

Corinne McCarthy

Ann Santonastasi

Lawrence Field

Mary Federici

Elizabeth Fickett

Gail Jennings

Richard Moriarty

Dolores Bilodeau

James Fitzpatrick

Roger Desrochers

Norman Smith

Kathleen Smith

Richard Sederstrom

New CORI Policy for Springfield Diocese

Springfield Diocese announces changes to background checks policy

By Sharon Roulier

SPRINGFIELD – The Diocese of Springfield has announced changes to its policy in requiring criminal background checks, known as Criminal Offender Record Information or CORI.

The process is used throughout Massachusetts for organizations to obtain information on criminal histories to help in making informed decisions when hiring or approving work in positions of trust.

The Office of Safe Environment and Victim Assistance of the Diocese of Springfield recently completed a review of the diocese’s CORI policy.

“There was a lack of clarity and consistency in our policy statements,” said Jeffrey Trant, director of the diocesan office.

Trant said the new policy clearly states who is required to complete the CORI check and that there is no change in the policy when it comes to paid employees of the diocese or its parishes.

The changes in the policy are related to the requirements for volunteers.

“The new policy requires all volunteers who have direct and or unmonitored contact with children, youth, persons with disabilities, adults ages 60 and older, or any other vulnerable population to have a CORI check completed before they begin volunteering,” said Trant. This must be repeated every three years if the volunteering continues.

This change removes the universal requirement mandating all volunteers to be CORI checked. It also now provides guidance on what type of volunteer work would require a CORI.

Trant also noted that the Diocese of Springfield’s Safe Environment Program is “fully committed to ensuring that children, youth and other vulnerable persons who worship, study or participate in activities sponsored by churches, schools and other ministries do so in the safest and most secure setting possible.”

More detailed information on the CORI check requirements can be found at

Join the Rosary Crusade




October is a month dedicated to the Rosary. On Saturday, October 12th, at noon we invite you to join with us in praying the Rosary outside our church. If you have any questions, please call the rectory at 413-733-5823.

Thanksgiving Baskets

Starting next weekend we will be collecting food items for our Thanksgiving Baskets, and will also be accepting monetary donations for turkeys.  Your donations help to provide baskets for our parishioners and families within our zip code area who are in need.  The items needed are:

                A, B, C                  Canned fruit, stuffing

                D, E, F        Canned vegetables, turkey gravy

                G, H, I                  Potatoes, brownie mix, boxed cookies

                J, K, L                  Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, cranberry sauce

                M, N, O                Canned vegetables, stuffing

                P, Q, R                 Potatoes, turkey gravy

                S, T, U, V            Cranberry sauce, tea, coffee, hot cocoa

                W, X, Y, Z          Canned fruit, brownie mix, boxed cookies

St. Jude Novena

St. Jude Novena  –  2019

Our Annual St. Jude Novena will take place October 20th through October 28th.  Please join us weeknights at 5:30p.m.

Note:  The Novena Prayer will be prayed at all Weekend Masses.


If you are unable to make the entire Novena, please come as many nights as you can.  All intentions remain on the altar throughout the Novena.