Interested in Weekly Prayer Zoom Meetings?

Message from Fr. Dave:

As we open up for Masses, there are things that are going to be different. There are no other activities taking place outside of Mass in Churches. Priests and Deacons are not even saying hi at the doors. I was wondering who may be interested in participating in Weekly Prayer Zoom meetings. The structure of the meeting would be roughly 30 minutes. We would go through the readings for the upcoming weekend, talk about their significance, and simply pray for each other. I would need your email address and the time you have available. Please submit your email address by calling the office or you can email me directly. 413-733-5823 or

Phase 1 Church Opening Guidelines as of May 26, 2020 (updated September 19, 2020)

Here are the guidelines as we prepare to come back to Mass for Phase 1 reopening. These guidelines will be in place in cooperation with the governor and the Diocese.

Entrances will be by the Social Center and School. The doors will remain open. The Entrances by the Cry Room and Dickinson St. Entrance will be locked. Ushers will be at the entrance.

Church Capacity with social distancing is 138

Masks will be required as you enter the Church

Social distancing (6ft minimum) to be abided by at all times

The Holy Water Fonts will remain empty. There will be Hand Sanitizer in a spray bottle in Each of the Holy water fonts.

Every other pew will be blocked off with tape. Please sit in a seat that is open. Each seat is 6ft apart and marked with an X.

The Cry room will not be used for seating, only confession.

Bathrooms are to be used for emergency use only. Please use the bathroom by the Dickinson St. Entrance.

All other activities besides Mass are still suspended until further notice.

The Sacristy

The Sacristy will only be used for the Priest and Deacon to prepare for Mass.

As we start at Mass, Sacristans, Eucharistic ministers and altar servers will not be used. This is to limit the number of things we touch.

Lectors can practice the readings at the pulpit in the Church. There will be copies of readings on the pulpit for Mass.

The locks on the doors were changed to the sacristy to enforce this change and they will remain closed during and between Masses.

The Collection

Your contributions can be dropped off in the box next to the altar.


We will omit the sign of peace

No communion by the cup.

As of September 19, 2020, Communion may be received on the tongue or in the hand.

Only the priest and deacons wearing a mask will distribute communion at the end of mass. After the final blessing, the priest will hold up the eucharist and say “the body of Christ” and the crowd will respond by saying “amen.” Then will proceed to distribute communion without saying anything. Immediately after receiving communion, exit the Church. The Priest and Deacon will distribute communion at each section and will guide you on where to exit. They will use hand sanitizer in case they come into contact with anyone.


After Mass, pews and bathroom will be disinfected. Please leave your kneelers down. This will indicate this pew is the one that needs to be disinfected.

Daily Mass

Daily Mass will resume at the regular time following the same protocols above.
Please sit in the section by the Dickinson St. entrance. This will help us with disinfection.


Adoration will resume at the regular time. Tuesdays from 1-5pm. Following the same protocols as above.

Please sit in the section by the Dickinson St. entrance. This will help us with disinfection.

Entrance will be by the Social Center. Please exit by the Holy Name School. This will allow for a one-way traffic flow.

Let’s work together and worship well, while keeping everyone safe. It will be a little different but we can adjust. I am looking forward to seeing you on Pentecost. Have a great week, and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,

Fr. David Aufiero