Annual Memorial Mass

The Holy Name Annual Memorial Mass will take place on Monday, November 4th at 5:30p.m.  All are welcome, but in particular, if you have lost loved ones within the past 12 months, we encourage you to attend.

 We remember those who have died:

Bernard Pelletier

Mary Aveyard

Daniel Murray

Carmela Basile

Edmund Domagala

Robert Garbarino, Jr.

Catherine Scavone

Barbara Ann Stevens

Dorothy Grover

Jean Callahan

Robert Walas

Mary Dubuc

Margaret Morgan

Robert Ryan, Jr.

Joyce Mycofsky

Lucile Lessard

Irene Welch

Geraldine Pate

Celine Roberts

Ovilla Denault, Jr.

Iluminada Figueroa-Merced

Ronald Golon

Ann Gosselin

Eleanor Guerri

Corinne McCarthy

Ann Santonastasi

Lawrence Field

Mary Federici

Elizabeth Fickett

Gail Jennings

Richard Moriarty

Dolores Bilodeau

James Fitzpatrick

Roger Desrochers

Norman Smith

Kathleen Smith

Richard Sederstrom