Message from Fr. Stanislaus Achu

This weekend we are so blessed and happy to officially welcome newly ordained Fr. Stanislaus (“Stan”) Mario Achu to Holy Name, and we are pleased to share from him ……. 

A little about me!


Yes, you heard it right that I am one of the five newly ordained for our diocese of Springfield assigned to work with you here at the beautiful parish of Holy Name, under the guidance of our dear pastor, Fr. Dave.

 My name is Fr. Stanislaus Chukwuebuka Achu, (“Fr. Stan” for short). I come from Nigeria from a family of 9, including my Dad and Mom, my twin brother Stephen, my two other younger brothers and three younger sisters.

 By the way, some people think that I can sing. I think so too. I love singing and playing the piano and cello. I equally have interest in playing tennis as well as soccer.

 It is my greatest delight to be sent to you as my first ever assignment as a newly ordained priest. I cannot wait to meet you all and to work with you, to learn from you, pray with you, play with you, visit with you, laugh with you and experience life according to God’s plans with you.

 Please pray for me that my time with you here at Holy Name will be very fruitful and full of happy and pleasant memories.

God bless you!

Fr. Stan