Pro-Life Meeting on June 10th

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend an informational night”  to be held here at Holy Name Church on Monday, June 10th from 7-8p.m. for the following legislative bill on abortions:

Massachusetts Citizens for Life: Anti-Life Provisions in S.120.  It is critical that we stand in solidarity against this bill, which would expand & promote abortion, removing all safety nets & waiting periods.
S.1209 will endanger our women, our infants, and our children by: making it legal to kill or let die a baby born alive on an abortion table; re-allocate your tax dollars & Healthy Start Funds to abortion providers eliminate parental consent & judicial supervision for 13 or 14 year old girls taken to abortion clinics, leaving them prey to sex predators and trafficking; eliminate the regulation that women undergoing the grisly 3-day late term abortion procedure be treated in a hospital.  What can you do?  Please sign up for updates & action alerts at our friends  Call and write your legislator, telling them you oppose this grisly bill, which both sides of the abortion debate believe is extreme. You can easily look up your local legislator by going to MassCitizensForLife.Org/find-my-legislator-ma.  Questions? Call MCFL (617) 242-4199 ext: #221.

To keep up on the latest developments in efforts to restrict late-term abortion, go to