Thanksgiving Baskets

Starting next weekend we will be collecting food items for our Thanksgiving Baskets, and will also be accepting monetary donations for turkeys.  Your donations help to provide baskets for our parishioners and families within our zip code area who are in need.  The items needed are:

                A, B, C                  Canned fruit, stuffing

                D, E, F        Canned vegetables, turkey gravy

                G, H, I                  Potatoes, brownie mix, boxed cookies

                J, K, L                  Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, cranberry sauce

                M, N, O                Canned vegetables, stuffing

                P, Q, R                 Potatoes, turkey gravy

                S, T, U, V            Cranberry sauce, tea, coffee, hot cocoa

                W, X, Y, Z          Canned fruit, brownie mix, boxed cookies